80+ Awesome Home Activities For Kids When Social Distancing

80+ Awesome Home Activities For Kids When Social Distancing

home activity for kids when social distancing


Times are getting weird right now. Everyone has different emotions regarding all the chaos in the entire world when the future seems uncertain. Maybe there is the fear of getting infected or fear about the economic impacts. Maybe there is stress thinking about the school closings and quarantine. With self-isolation affecting many families and potentially making simple joys of life difficult, we are all trying to do the best we can while protecting ourselves and the people we love.

However, what is certain is that we are all going to lose our loving minds if we have to sit with our kids at homes and stare at the walls for 2 weeks (or longer). With social distancing causing the most of stress (no playdates or playgrounds, stores and malls closed, avoid non-essential travel), you may be asking yourself what in the world to do with the kids when you can’t leave the house? Sure, there’s the academics and schoolwork to keep up with. But then what?

Here’s the help, Mama! We’ve put together this 85 mega-list of easy and safe things to do at home while practising social distancing. Hopefully, these options will make your life easier, keep your kids happy and you sane.

The goal is to share quality time with our loved ones, foster optimism, create new experiences and make memories. 

Tips before you start:

  • You can choose one or several activities per day.
  • To add an element of surprise, write down a few staycation ideas on a piece of paper and make your kids pick one out each day. 


In Your Backyard

  1. Play a board game in tournament.
  2. Play a card game.
  3. Have afternoon tea party.
  4. Have an ice cream party.
  5. Make a potted garden.
  6. Relay race or obstacle course.
  7. Yard clean up.
  8. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  9. Play with bubbles.
  10. Jump rope.
  11. Stargaze.
  12. Backyard camping.
  13. Water gun targets.
  14. Lemonade stand.


Experiment & Explore

  1. Clean out & donate clothes.
  2. Clean out & donate toys.
  3. Rearrange the bedroom.
  4. Old games|toys from back of closet.
  5. Pull an all nighter.
  6. Make spring cleaning easier together.
  7. Create a map of your town.
  8. Create the family menu for the week.
  9. Science experiment (lava lamp, storm in glass, milk art, ice fishing...).


Craft & Creativity For Every Age Level

  1. Redecorate bedroom.
  2. Print and customize your own t-shirt.
  3. Decorate a pair of white shoes with markers and bling!
  4. Origami challenge
  5. Canvas wall art projects to hang at home with colourful drip painting
  6. Get behind the camera and film a movie.
  7. Make a silent, slow motion movie or video
  8. Create paper mache pots with simple magazine and glue.
  9. Try water marbling art with nail polish
  10. Diy your own popsicle stick craft or mixed up beads
  11. Create beautiful papers pinwheels
  12. Have a theme photo shoot.
  13. Make holiday, seasonal decorations or craft.
  14. Paint rocks.
  15. Create a puppet show.


In The Kitchen

  1. Make your own pizza.
  2. Bake or cook together.
  3. Make Kids-friendly Smoothies recipes.
  4. Pancakes time.


Build It!

  1. Take apart old electronics.
  2. Make no-sew pillows from old clothes.
  3. Make cards for grandparents.
  4. Family project (family tree, photo album).
  5. Fix-it/diy projects around the house.
  6. Lego 10 minute challenge
  7. Playdough creation contest.


Just For Fun!

  1. Indoor picnic.
  2. Have a history period party.
  3. Inside games (hide & seek, nerf gun wars)
  4. Living room campout.
  5. Indoor exercise or dance.
  6. Hot & cold game.
  7. Washi tape race track.
  8. Do a puzzle.
  9. Build a fort with blankets, pillows, sheets, chairs.
  10. Cupcake decorating.
  11. Favourite movie and tv series marathon.
  12. Make a family time capsule.
  13. Cook & dress up for a fancy dinner.
  14. Paper airplane race
  15. Host a pyjama party (sleepover optional!)
  16. Pickup sticks fun


Keep Them Reading

  1. Set a library reading challenge
  2. Create a bubble tent for reading
  3. Foreign country arm chair travel.
  4. Make illustrations for an audio book
  5. Make a scrap book.
  6. Create a word search.
  7. Do a little school work too
  8. Spelling words games
  9. Trivia and quiz games


Safe Outdoor Activities

  1. Clean car, inside & out.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Go for a bike ride.
  4. Geo-caching with your cell phone
  5. Sidewalk chalk creations.
  6. Play hopscotch.
  7. Create chalk racetrack.
  8. Games with balls: soccer, baseball.
  9. Throw things outside: Frisbees, rocks, foam or paper airplanes.
  10. Outdoor picnic.
  11. Catch the sunrise and sunset.


Survival is a must, but we hope, you will create some meaningful memories in the process, too!


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