15 Decor Ideas for your First dream home on budget

15 Decor Ideas for your First dream home on budget

You have finally found your dream place and you can't wait to feel at home. Do not rush to the stores to buy what you like! Decorating a new home requires a little pre-planning! So get organized.

Take the time to sort through your old stuff and make a list of your needs, according to the configuration of your apartment, the size, as well as your budget. Forget about the old books and unnecessary knick-knacks that will certainly not fit your new place. Make donations to your local charity shop or for the most sentimental of you, store them at the parental house. It’s all about serenity. We want to create a relaxing and pleasant interior, in line with our current needs. So, if you are not yet a skilled planner then it is time to learn how to be one.

You must start by listing in a first column all the essentials you will need, in order to furnish your apartment. Then, in a second column, the pieces that are complementary or those that can be scheduled for a future purchase as your budget allows. By prioritizing your desires, you will avoid certain secondary purchases that you may regret later.

The first apartment often means small space. Do your best to define separate areas and opt, in your checklist, for Dual-Purpose Furniture to optimize it. Bedrooms are the perfect rooms to have multi-purpose furniture.

Remember also to invest as much as possible in decorative items that will follow you for a long time rather than spending your entire budget in low-cost items. Focus on quality over quantity.

Now, you’re ready to think about your decoration. These decorating ideas a basic shopping list to get you started. Spice up your home with pieces that reflect your personality and style and create a space that is comfortable for you.

1. Start neutral and mix colors

neutral room and mixed colors

Whenever you are nervous or unsure about adding a color to your place, consider following the 60-30-10 golden rule often used by designers to create well-balanced rooms with colors. Think of it as a guideline to create a palette of 3 colors which can vary in tone and shade.

60% of a room is made up of wall space and large anchor pieces. Starting with dominant wall color as well as flooring and sized furniture, is a perfect starting base to establish a strong yet flexible foundation for future improvement. Moreover, it is perfect for helping those colorful decor pieces to stand out.

30% of a room is comprised of accent furniture, area rugs, wood trim, textiles, etc. A white or glass coffee table, a grey sofa, a wooden table are all pieces of furniture that you can add as your taste and style evolve and as the seasons change. In the evening, add layers of colors with throw pillows, blankets, lamps and other accessories. This will make your room feel more comforting and cozy.

The rest of the composition is a variety of decor, artwork and smaller items. Have fun playing around mixing colors, patterns and textures such as metal and wood. You don’t need to do too much; few choices can add depth and sparkle to the room.

2.Vintage finds

vintage finds decoration

Antique markets, drift shops and car boot sales are a great opportunity of finding vintage beautiful things with the potential of a good deal. Whether it is a rustic metal bowl or timeless tea table, it will blend perfectly with modern style. There is something pleasant about giving old objects new shine, and in return, they will give your new place a comforting feeling and stylish atmosphere.

3. DIY and customization

DIY living room and custom made table 

Thanks to Pinterest, the options for custom-made and low budget furniture are endless. You may think that it is a bit complicated to do it yourself, but it is not. Whether you’re a novice at DIY or a dab hand with a saw, there will be something to inspire you.

You can transform an old door to a stylish farmhouse headboard, build a coffee table with rustic wood pallets, assemble a desk from different materials or use decorative stencils to restyle your nightstand. Let yourself be inspired and unleash your creativity!

4. Gallery wall

wall art living room

If you have a large boring wall behind your sofa space then wall art may be all you need. A gallery wall is a unique way to make a place your own. There is a wide collection of affordable prints available in our Home section. Whether it is beautiful photography, pop art, calming scenes to soothe the soul, or something different entirely, you’ll find a print that grabs your attention. Get some original artwork to add personality to your walls.

5. The perfect sofa

sofa bed for small apartments

Your sofa bed will probably be the most important task in your checklist. This two in one furniture offers a comfortable seat and a highly appreciated extra bed, very appreciated in small spaces such as studios or apartments.

There are so many different styles, colors and materials to choose from. Opt for the most popular brands. Make sure you check the thickness and density of the foam depending on how often you plan to use it as a convertible bed, daily in a studio or occasionally for a guest room for example. Add throw pillows and patterned rugs for an elegant and cozy touch.

6. Throw blanket

brown throw blanket for sofa or bed

Too much throw blanket is never too much! They are a great statement piece. A focal point that adds incredible texture and warmth to any space.

They are cosy, soft and you can wrap them up when you watch the latest Netflix series. In the winter, you can invest in a faux fur or braided throw for extra warmth, and in the summer you choose lighter colors and lighter knits.

7. Fancy candles

beautiful scent candles for home

Fancy candles look and smell amazing, allowing you to give a distinct scent and signature to your new place. Moreover, they can make a real difference to your mood and complete the interior decor of a room. 

Some people prefer stronger scents, other more subtle. Start with lighter scents first and Go from musky to citrus to fruity florals into heavier woods. Whatever your preference is, find a scent that you'll love for years.

8. Coffee table’s books

luxury books decoration on coffee table

Coffee tables are an eye-catching addition to your living room. A coffee table should be seen as the centre of the living area where you can display some of your favourite decor pieces. There are a variety of interesting coffee table books that cover everything from DIY to baking to art and design. Books are sure to expand your horizons and add beauty to your home for years to come. 

9. Window treatment

pink design linen curtains

Windows are like the eyes to your home and the way you dress them up can enhance or break your space.

Now, plastic blinds are gone! Curtains can offer to the design just as much as the furniture. When selected correctly, they will add a sense of sophistication to your room and improve your view.

Not only does the design you choose needs to be attractive, but it will ultimately determine the amount of natural light you receive and prefer into your space. Choose a fabric that is durable and functional, such as linen or faux silk, and a color or pattern scheme that suits your furniture and decoration without overwhelming it.

10. Bedroom splurges

design functional bedroom with reading space

Bedrooms are often one of the last rooms to get decorating attention figuring “no one” sees it. But that’s wrong. Your bedroom should be a retreat, a quiet oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Some bedroom furnishings worth a splurge and of course, whether you are starting your first job or you are older and established in your career, the term “splurge” is relative. Keep your budget and financial situation under control and avoid spending yourself into unmanageable debt on any piece of decor.

What makes the ideal adult master bedroom is to create distinct zones: for sleeping, for relaxing and for lounging. For the sleep zone, choose a bed that is not only timeless in design but durable. A good-quality bed is a long-term investment. Go for the best mattress you can afford and Pamper yourself with the softest and smoothest sheets. After all, they play an important role in your health, state of mind and physical comfort.

For the lounge zone, if space allows, think of adding a beautiful settee or love seat and anchoring the space with a small area rug. As for the relaxing zone, this can be a space perhaps for reading, a cup of morning coffee or tea, or an extension of the lounge zone.

11. Dining space hack 

colored painted chairs design 

Add some personality into your dining space by investing in colored dining chairs. This gives the dining space a unique look that differs greatly from the typical wooden, white or black chairs. You can either go hunting for already colored chairs or buy three chairs and personalize them yourself with your favourite colors. The contrast with your dining table will look amazing and the dining experience turns into something special. Make sure that the chairs look similar in design but have different colors. 

12. Lighting fixtures

pendant lighting living dinning room

Replacing the boring, basic light fixtures in your apartment is a small change with a big impact. Go for fixtures that fit your room's style. If you are fun of boho chic style, go for a pendant light. If your style is modern, you can opt for a geometric wooden lampshade. There are so many options you can choose from and it will make a big difference. As a rule of thumb, try to mix different lighting sources in each room. For example, add a floor lamp in your living room, a table lamp in your bedroom or add elegant sconces in your dining room. Also, best to buy all of the lighting fixtures at once to create a sense of flow in your apartment.

13. Bar cart

bar cart modern apartment

A styled bar cart is a quintessential piece to have in your first “adult” apartment.  You can place it anywhere to turn any empty corner into a party mood. Display your style and Showcase your favorite spirits, plus essentials like wine and glassware.

Another great way you can use this piece of furniture is for storage. You can store books and notebooks, or bowls and glassware. These fun furnishings are so trendy right now.

14. Area rugs

patterned area rugs black and white

An elegant, patterned rug is a great investment for your first apartment. They add texture and color, and a touch of sophistication in a multilayered room. They also help define a sitting area and give a great first impression. Choose a bold color or stylish pattern that adds personality to your room.

When it comes to size, the traditional rule is to measure the seating area and get the closest size up, so all the furniture legs will be on the rug (or sit on just the front legs). In the bedroom, treat the bed as a focal point. Measure it, and get a rug that extends 24 inches on each side, unless it’s against a wall.

15. Storage solutions

under coffee table home storage solution

It's time to get creative with storage! A quick Google search will reveal endless hacks and solutions for home storage. So let keep this simple. A clever storage solution should be able to accommodate a range of your everyday essentials and keep them at your fingertips.

Wooden baskets are functional and they look great either under the coffee table or stand-alone statement piece. Hooks can be put on the back of the door or over your dresser to hang anything from bags to jewellery. And bookshelves not only need to be used for books but can store a printer, picture frames and even more storage bins!